July 13, 2016

Rotary Screen Printers Close The Gap

With digital, rotary screen printers, Script Technology has closed the gap between pre printed shipping cases and on-line case coding in appropriate case coding applications. The Scribe models 350 and 600 “on-line” case printers deliver preprint quality in large format and high print density at costs far below inkjet in appropriate applications.


Script Technology pioneered on line digital rotary screen printing by combining:

  • Electronic image generation using label design and management software and thermal printers to burn images into Scriptech stencils
  • Enhanced rotary screen print technology in a rugged, electromechanical printing device

The first products to be introduced to the case coding market are the Scribe 350 and the Scribe 600 printers.

These are expected to become workhorses in on-line case coding operations, inexpensively providing “batch variable” print working alone or in combination with inkjet or labeling systems. Scribe combines what many shippers have wanted for a long time:

  • “Preprint” quality – 200 to 600 dpi resolution to meet barcode standards and to  satisfy the promotional expectations of marketing departments
  • Full featured – print almost anything currently required or anticipated in a large footprint: text, graphics, barcodes, in almost any size desired in large 3.5 or 6.0 inch formats.
  • Cost – Consumable costs are low enough to not be a barrier to print large, dense, opaque graphics, text, logos, etc. Cost of ownership runs 1/3 that of inkjet where large print formats are required.
  • Ease of adoption and use – Similar to a labeling system; simple, full featured software with thermal label printers being used to burn images into the Scribe stencil . And the rotary screen printer which delivers excellent, high resolution print with minimal operator involvement.
  • Rugged construction –Scribe printers are electromechanical devices without expensive drives, sensors and electronic controls. Innovative design and precision in component manufacture make 3.5 and 6 inch print in this contact printer a reliable process for on-line case coding processes.